SeaShell By The SeaShore

Patrons of Melbournes well known Middle Brighton Baths cafe and Restaurant enjoy expansive water views and close proximity to the activity at these historic baths. Nothing can be more pleasant than enjoing a meal and drink on the outdoor deck overlooking the baths or sipping a latte on the sunny west facing patio.

However like many popular seaside eaterys patrons sometimes can get too much of a good thing - by way of sunshine. Providing flexible outdoor areas that can be shaded and weather proofed can be a challnge in locations that easily and quickly become windy.

Brighton Baths solved this challenge by installing three (3) large SeaShell Awnings. The SeaShell Awnings are installed umbrella-like as 360 degree circular structures, pole mounted through the timber deck. Not only do these awnings provide abundant shade and are waterproof, they are incredibly strong to withstand the sometimes windy coastal conditions. The SeaShell Awning is designed to withstand winds greater than gale force when they cleverly and automatically self-retract.

Restaurant and Cafe owner, Al Dannaoui said "my staff are focused on serving patrons, the strength and automatic retractability of these SeaShell Awnings is fantastic - no worries for me, staff or patrons - its set and forget."Al went on to say "During recent storms the seawater was splashing through the deck and onto the awning - those SeaShell Awnings are incredibly strong and durable"

Al said "We chose a bright red waterproof fabric for our awning, theyre really distinctive. When we open the awnings people know we are open for business. People talk about them a lot - its the best thing we have ever done here."

The SeaShell Awning was designed in Australia and is patented world-wide. Seashell Awnings are manufactured to order in a variety of sizes, shape configurations and colours. The SeaShell Awning sale and installation was handled by Bayside Retractable Awnings, an SeaShell Authorised Distributor.

Further information; Ken Rosebery 02 9527 4494

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