Free Standing Awnings

SeaShell Free-Standing Awnings: Versatility and Adjustability to Accommodate Every Scenario

SeaShell Free-Standing awnings are versatile, so their applicability is virtually unlimited.

Adjustability is the key feature to SeaShell free-standing awnings; this quality reflects the importance of user interest and need. For this reason, these free-standing awnings possess an expanding market and growing popularity.


SeaShell free-standing awnings are strong covers that support themselves where they offer shade and coolness for users who desire both. Their shell-like appearance adds style to any decor as well. SeaShell free-standing awnings are water and UV resistant and corrosion-free, so their construction ensures security even during the most inclement weather such as rainstorms and heavy winds.

SeaShell free-standing awnings come in four different forms:

1) 90 degrees - fits in both outdoor and indoor corner areas where umbrellas and other coverings are difficult or less adequate in their use.
2) 180 degrees - brings shade along lengthy formations like walls or displays.
3) 270 degrees - facilitates outside corners to ensure thorough coverage.
4) 360 degrees - accommodates gatherings like weddings, shows and dining areas for large picnics.

In addition, they come in three different sizes according to radius

- 3 metre
- 4 metres
- 5 metrs,

These measurements equate to 6-metre, 8-metre and 10-metre diameters respectively, which give an idea of the vastness of the areas covered.

Colours vary and are available for customization. This means each customer can get a one-of-a-kind hue to create her or his own unique look.

SeaShell free-standing awnings spread open like wings and promote a feeling of freedom that makes users feel relaxed. The patented MagnaLOC Technology facilitates easy lock-down that ensures protection, minimal-to-no damage and ongoing assurance for users. The structures design minimizes heat buildup to over 65 percent in the face of conditions bearing heavy temperatures. Even furniture, decor and other articles are safe at all times.


SeaShell free-standing awning maintenance is easy, but, if done correctly, should only be conducted occasionally. After installation, these awnings remain erect throughout the year, although winter necessitates fabric removal depending on geographic location.

Still, accidents happen and dirt inevitably accumulates. Under these circumstances, the fabric requires removal from the frame for cleaning. The general process follows:

1) Brush lightly to dislodge embedded particles.
2) Spot-clean spills and/or splotches.
3) Hose fabric with lukewarm water.
4) Apply mild soap to ensure thorough cleaning.
5) Rinse thoroughly with hose.
6) Air-dry with no direct heat.


After removing the fabric, users need only to roll it up and place it in a clean dry area containing no rodent access, as these critters tend to soil their surroundings. A sterile location is ideal and keeps dirt to a minimum.

SeaShell retractable awnings can fold up for easy transport and storage as needed. These awnings are convenient in every way.

In Conclusion . . .

SeaShell free-standing awnings serve a constant benefit to users and their surrounding architecture and decor without effort or heavy expense. That is their purpose, after all.

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