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Summer is here with all that great sunshine and heat. We love it all, but need to control the sun a little to avoid sunburn and overheating. One solution to too much sun is an awning. The new designs available in awnings are really wonderful. One company in Australia makes a product called Sea Shell awnings that is well designed and attractive.

Seashell Industries Pty. Ltd. manufactures Sea Shell awnings in several options and sizes. You can order retractable awnings in 90 degree inside corner, 180 degree with straight edge, 270 degree for outside corner or 360 degree free standing awnings. You can order one or a combination to meet your shade needs.

The 360 degree full circle type awning is great for patios, cafe areas, pools and other recreational and commercial applications. This awning is constructed with an aluminum and stainless steel pole and supports covered with a fabric that is both durable and strong. The awning fabric is UV and water proof, as well as being very durable and attractive. This fabric comes in a large variety of colors made into a superior awning that comes in a choice of sizes. You can choose from 3, 4 or 5 metre radius making 6 metre, 8 metre or 10 metre diameter, or you can ask about custom sizing.

What makes this awning even more attractive, is the self retracting capability. You can set your beautiful awning and then forget it. If a sudden storm or high wind comes up, the awning will self retract. You will find the Sea Shell awning has easy and graceful retract-ability when you need it. Once it is retracted, the awnings self-locking receiver is designed to pull the sails back from the center connection point to store the unit until you are ready to deploy it for the next time you need to use it. You can choose to leave the Sea shell awning open for long periods of time with no worries.

These unique, beautifully designed and well constructed awnings will give you years of trouble free use, extending your living space and protecting you from the suns rays. The Sea Shell awnings come with a generous warranty for your protection. You can get a no obligation, free measure and cost estimate before you order. These are the only awnings that self retract during storms and high wind events, yet are easy to retract by hand.

You can order these unique and stylish Sea Shell awnings in a color that compliments your home decor. You can get several to protect different areas of your outdoor living space. You may want one over the pool and another shading the bar or outdoor cooking area. You can also shade and protect entry areas. This is a great product to make the outdoors even more enjoyable.

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