SeaShell Awnings Have Brisbane Covered

The SeaShell retractable awning is an innovative new Australian product set to revolutionize the use of awnings in homes and small businesses and now available through awning retailers and installers in Brisbane.

Brisbane, capital of the sunshine state more than almost any other capital city in Australia experiences hot and sometimes quite wet summers. The need for awnings to shade and protect outdoor areas is well accepted in Brisbane. However, in winter Brisbane can still get surprisingly cool and it is often an advantage to have an awning that can be removed when required. A SeaShell retractable awning can be opened for shade or rain protection at any time, yet closed to enjoy the winter sun.

Brisbane is also renowned for sudden and sometimes violent summer storms and so awnings need to be strong and waterproof. In fact Brisbane receives the majority of its rainfall in the summer months, just when awnings are needed most. The SeaShell Awning is both waterproof and automatically retracts in high winds. The SeaShell Awning is the only retractable awning certified to Australian standards (AS4055) to withstand winds exceeding gale force. Perfect if your home or business is in an exposed location. Traditional folding arm retractable awnings do not handle these gusty conditions well and are often damaged. The SeaShell Awning copes with these strong winds and wet conditions, common in Brisbane in the summer, when awnings are needed most.

Robert Meers from Sunstate Awnings at Rocklea in the south west of Brisbane, a SeaShell distributor said that " I have been in the awning business for nearly 30 years and can say that the SeaShell Awning is unique in its ability to handle gusty winds and rain. " " The SeaShell is often the perfect choice in tropical climates for this reason. " Sunstate Awnings has a large 270 degree SeaShell on display at its showroom.

The Seashell Awning is an elegant addition to a home or business with a choice of 30 colours to complement any colour scheme and its highly distinctive seashell design. It is extremely robust, using high quality marine grade powder coated aluminium frames, and premium all-weather fabric. It is designed for quick professional installation and in most cases no council approval is required.

SeaShell retail distributors in Brisbane include; Sunstate Awnings at Rocklea and Ultimate Awnings at Capalaba. Contact details are available on the SeaShell website.

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