Shade Sails to Cool and Protect

With predictions of a hot summer fast approaching, now is the time to consider shading outdoor areas for both personal comfort and to reduce energy costs in cooling your home.

While often appearing to be inexpensive at first, there are a number of problems with traditional fixed shade sails, including; the need to install steel poles which both add cost and often obstruct views, rapid wear when exposed to wind, and the fact that they are generally not waterproof, limiting their functionality for outdoor entertaining areas.

An innovative alternative which overcome these problems, is the SeaShell Retractable Awning. The SeaShell Awning can be attached to a wall, fascia board below a gutter, on to a roof, in corners or curved surfaces and does not require unsightly poles at the extremity of the awning. The SeaShell Awning can cover areas from as small as 7 square metres, up to a massive 78 square metres and is made from completely waterproof sail fabric.

The SeaShell Awning is incredibly strong and is the only retractable awning known that meets stringent Australian Standards (AS4055) for wind strength. It is therefore ideal for exposed coastal locations. The SeaShell Awning will remain open in winds of up to gale force, around 60 km/h, after which it will automatically self-retract into a secure and locked position to protect itself and the structure to which it is attached from any damage. Awning retailer, Jon Segaert from Quantum Awnings in Sydney, commented “after a damaging storm, which we get in Sydney every few years, I get many calls about damaged shade sails, but almost never have a problem with any of the SeaShell Awnings we have installed”.

The SeaShell Retractable Awning is a radial structure that operates in a fan-like manner. It can be configured to any degree of a circle which means it can be easily fitted in to corners, along flat walls, or as a full 360 degree giant umbrella.

Whilst more expensive than shade sails and therefore not for everybody, the SeaShell Retractable Awning is an elegant an attractive alternative that offers a number of distinct advantages over traditional shade sails. The homeowner looking for a functional and attractive alternative to shade sails should consider the SeaShell.

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