New Type of Folding Arm Awning

The SeaShell is an innovative new type of folding arm awning with a number of distinct advantages over traditional folding arm awnings.

The SeaShell has advantages in three areas, ability to withstand strong wind gusts, flexibility in where it can be fitted and superior rain protection.

There is no traditional folding arm awning known that meets Australian standards for wind loads for housing, (AS4055). Whilst a traditional folding arm awning can be fitted with a wind sensor and motors for automatic retraction, they retract slowly and cannot handle sudden wind gusts. Their ability to retract away into a compact cassette limits the structure that can be used to strengthen the awning and as a consequence a traditional folding arm awning has far less strength and ability to remain open and safe in strong winds. The SeaShell Awning can remain open in winds of up to gale force, around 60 km/h, after which it will quickly and automatically retract into a folded and locked position enabling the retracted structure to withstand winds of cyclone force. You can set and forget the SeaShell Awning leaving it open for weeks or months on end without worrying about a sudden storm while you may be out or asleep. Whereas a traditional folding arm awning should always be retracted if you go out or leave it unattended for any length of time. The new SeaShell is a ‘no worries’ alternative to a traditional folding arm awning.

The SeaShell is a radial awning and opens in a fan-like manner from a central point. It can be configured to any degree of a circle and can generally be fitted to more places than a traditional folding arm awning. The SeaShell is ideal for corner locations where it can be configured to a 90 degree quadrant and fit snugly into an inside corner without obstructing either side. A traditional folding arm awning will tend to drop down and obstruct one side of the corner.

As the strength and weight of the SeaShell is carried at a single central point, it can be fitted along walls that are uneven, have nibs or other small projections or are curved. In addition the SeaShell can overhand corners if required, whereas a traditional folding arm awning requires a flat surface along its entire length.

The SeaShell Awning is made of an entirely waterproof PVDF fabric which is held taught between its radial arms at regular intervals. This combined with the 12 degree pitch on the SeaShell Awning means that rain will run-off the surface and will not pool. A traditional folding arm awning has a large rectangular area of fabric supported only by one folding arm at either extremity. Rainwater can therefore pool in the unsupported area of fabric placing strain on the awning and releasing it in sudden gushes.

Whilst traditional folding arm awnings will remain popular due to their compact construction the innovative new SeaShell Awning with its key advantages in wind strength, flexibility of placement and fitting and rain protection will see it grow in popularity in the years ahead.

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