Waterproof Retractable Awning

Most retractable awnings whilst providing shade are generally not waterproof. This applies to folding arm awnings, one of the most popular types of retractable awning in recent years. The folding arm awning when open extends a single fabric skin over a rectangular shaped area. Whilst this is an efficient method to create shade, the large surface area supported only by the two folding arms at either extremity of the awning, by its nature allows water to pool. Additionally, folding arm awnings retract by rolling their fabric skin back on to a circular drum. This limits the type of materials that can be used and makes it difficult to incorporate a completely waterproof fabric that can withstand the constant rolling and unrolling.

The innovative new SeaShell retractable awning has solved this problem and provides both shade and rain protection with a fully retractable and waterproof awning structure. The SeaShell Awning uses a fan like structure to deploy the fabric skin which is supported by multiple arms that radiate out from a central spine. As a consequence, the fabric skin panels are taught and do not allow water to pool on top. The SeaShell uses a completely waterproof PVDF coated fabric that is also durable enough to cope with the opening and closing cycles over many years. The SeaShell Awning in a standard configuration is pitched at around 12 degrees, which also facilitates trouble free run-off of surface water on the fabric skin.

The SeaShell can be configured to any degree of a circle and variety of sizes. In a 90 degree configuration it can protect corner areas as small as 7 square metres with a 3 metre radius, whilst in a 360 degree full circle, like a giant umbrella with a 5 metre radius, can cover up to 78 square metres. Home owners or café proprietors looking for both shade and rain protection from a retractable awning should consider the innovative new SeaShell waterproof retractable awning.

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