The Worlds Strongest Retractable Awning

The SeaShell Awning has now achieved certification to W50 under Australian Standard AS4055, confirming its ability to withstand winds exceeding gale force. The SeaShell Awning is now possibly the worlds strongest retractable awning and the only retractable awning known to meet stringent Australian standards.

Each SeaShell Awning uses MagnaLOC technology, which enables the Seashell Awning to self retract when wind speeds reach gale force. Set the awning and forget it. No need to worry about a sudden storm while out. No electricity or wiring required. Leave it open for months on end. Get years of service.

The 180 degree awnings, in both 3 metre, 4 metre and 5 metre radius sizes, have been certified for installation on all sites with a wind classification of up to W50 (ie in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4055-1992, "Wind Loads for Housing", a classification of N4 in Regions A and B or C2 in Regions C and D). W50 signifies sites that can experience wind gusts of up to 50 metres per second or 180 kilometres per hour. The Seashell Awning may also be installed on sites with a wind classification of up to W70 (wind gusts of up to 70 metres per second), subject to assessment by a qualified structural engineer to determine if there are any additional special requirements. It can be expected that the awning in the 90 degree configuration will exhibit similar if not stronger characteristics, whilst the larger 270 and 360 degree configurations whilst very strong may need to be assessed individually if installed in particularly exposed areas.

Building owners, particularly those seeking commercial awning or cafe awning applications will find that the SeaShell retractable awning will likely meet their requirements for a large retractable and waterproof awning that looks great and is low maintenance and trouble-free.

The technical assessment was undertaken by Christopher Venn-Brown FIEAust CPEng of RPE Engineering Services, mechanical and structural consulting engineers.

Awning installers, architects or specifiers can obtain relevant documentation from, the Australian manufacturer, Seashell Industries Pty. Ltd.

The SeaShell Awning comes in a variety of sizes, configurations and colours, covering areas from 7 to 78 square metres. The SeaShell Awning is designed and manufactured in Australia and patented world-wide. Further information

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