Cafe and Commercial Awnings

Cafe owners and other commercial users have particular needs when fitting awnings for shade or weather protection. In particular a cafe or restaurant owner needs not just shade but rain and all weather protection so that seating can be reliably provided in almost any weather. At the same time commercial users need their awnings to be trouble free, so that they can focus on the demands of their customers without the need to worry about retracting the awning in windy conditions.

The Seashell Awning is perfect for commercial awning or cafe awning applications. The Seashell awning is both elegant and attractive adding to the charm of a cafe or other commercial awning application whilst also being waterproof, retractable and amazingly strong and durable. The Seashell awning can withstand windy conditions and even self retracts once winds exceed gale force. Made from structural aluminium, stainless steel and PVC coated waterproof tension membrane the Seashell Awning is low maintenance and trouble free, perfect for demanding commercial awning and cafe awning applications.

The Seashell Awning is a fan like structure attached to existing structures, walls or fascias or pole mounted independent of a building at a single point, and requires no poles or supporting structures at its extremities. Ideal for a cafe awning required to cover footpaths or commercial awning applications that need clear space underneath.

The Seashell Awning comes in a range of sizes, configurations and colours and covers from between 7 and 78 square metres.

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