Warranty / Maintenance

For all Seashell Awning products purchased or delivered hereunder, Seashell Industries Pty. Ltd. warrants they are free from defects of workmanship and/or material for a period of 5 years from the time of purchase. Seashell Awning System components consist of frame, articulated spine assembly, ropes, cords and attachment devices. The Warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear including deterioration of ropes, ancillary components of installation including faulty structures that it is attached to, faulty installation, or to damage or wear and tear resulting from the effects of inclement weather or atmospheric fallout or to ropes and cords exposed to atmospheric fallout or coastal conditions. Should any products be determined by Seashell Industries Pty. Ltd. to be defective, at the option of Seashell Industries Pty. Ltd., such products shall be replaced or repaired and returned to the purchaser free from defect. The warranty does not apply to any product installed outside of Australia.

This warranty is subject to the purchaser doing the following:‐
- Report to theirSeashell Awning retail distributor within (30) days of fault;
- Maintain the Seashell Awning in accordance with the manufacturers scheduled maintenance program;
- Provide proof of purchase from an authorized Seashell retail distributor or warranty registration if so requested;
- Not use the Seashell Awning for any purpose other than awning;
- Not tether or otherwise restrict the normal operation of the awning;
- Make the product accessible for service including the cost of any special access equipment if this is required and if resident in non metropolitan areas, remote from our network of distributors, meet the cost of transport of the awning if required to be returned to the factory for repair.

The purchaser has the benefit of conditions and warranties implied by the Trade Practices Act of 1974 and nothing in these terms is intended to exclude, restrict or modify any statutory obligation of the vendor if that cannot be lawfully effected.

Maintenance Schedule

The Seashell can be cleaned with mild soapy water and rinsed well. Sails must be rolled and tethered with straps supplied when in the folded position for an extended period of time (24 hours or more) as not to degrade material through movement. Care must be taken not to allow mould to grow in humid conditions when sails are stored in the folded position. To increase the lifespan of the sails, it is recommended that the awning spend most of its life in the fully displayed (out) position.

Sails can be expected to last well beyond the warranty period if regularly maintained. Sails left for long periods in the folded position may develop a crease. Replacement sail panels or complete kits are available.

Metal Frame
Wash using a mild detergent in a solution. Wash and rinse all surfaces. In non-coastal areas at least every six months, in coastal or industrial areas wash and rinse all parts at least once a month.

After washing, all moving parts must be sprayed with a lanolin based lubricant (LANOX) or similar.

Pulleys and Ropes
Clean as above. To aid in the smooth operation of the awning and decrease wear on cords, a silicon spray should be applied to the cords each year or as required.


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