• The 90°™ Awning

    The right angle solution

    The uniquely shaped 90 Degree SeaShell Awning is the perfect solution for corner entrances, patios and decks where traditional retractable awnings are not possible.

  • The 180°™ Awning


    The ideal solution for shade and exterior design that extends from your entrance into your newly extended inside or out sanctuary of your home.

  • The 270°™ Awning

    Wrap around

    The uniquely shaped 270 Degree SeaShell Awning is the perfect solution for outside corners, patios and decks where a traditional retractable awning was not possible.

  • The 360°™ Awning

    Free standing full circle

    Mount your SeaShell awning on a pole and get a full 360 degree circle to provide shade over outside areas away from the edge of your home, or business. Perfect for shading pools, car yards, playgrounds, patios or decks.

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