Your SeaShell Awning is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia. The unique design is covered by a world-wide patent and is made from the highest quality materials.

Wind Strength Certification

The 180 degree awnings, in both 3 metre, 4 metre and 5 metre radius sizes, have been certified for installation on all sites with a wind classification of up to W50 (ie in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4055-1992, “Wind Loads for Housing”, a classification of N4 in Regions A and B or C2 in Regions C and D). W50 signifies sites that can experience wind gusts of up to 50 metres per second or 180 kilometres per hour. The Seashell Awning may also be installed on sites with a wind classification of up to W70 (wind gusts of up to 70 metres per second), subject to assessment by a qualified structural engineer to determine if there are any additional special requirements. It can be expected that the 90 degree awning will exhibit similar if not stronger characteristics, whilst the 270 degree or custom awnings whilst very strong may need to be assessed individually if installed in particularly exposed areas.

Self Retraction

Each SeaShell Awning uses MagnaLOC™ technology, which enables the Seashell Awning to self retract when wind speeds reach approximately 65 kilometres per hour or 35 knots. This will vary depending upon the wind direction relative to the awning orientation. This protects your awning from damaging winds without the need for you to do anything.


Each Seashell Awning is engineered using:-
• Frame constructed from dependable lightweight and corrosive resistant 6106 T-6 structural aluminum;
• Compression poles made from T304 stainless steel;
• Powder Coated parts meet Australian standard AS3715;
• Tension membrane (Sail Material) made from durable waterproof and lightweight Mehler Polymar ® 8506 / 5244 – fabric; UV protection; flame resistant (BS 7837, CA T-19, NFP 92507); and, resists microbial and fungal attacks;
• MagnaLOC™ Technology;
• Locking-Receiver housing for easy and dependable storage;


Awnings can be mounted on to existing structures in nearly any situation or free standing on a pole. Your retail distributor will take care of this for you and ensure your awning is professionally installed in the most appropriate manner with regard to its functionality, strength and aesthetic appeal. Each mount will differ slightly depending on the awning angle (90, 180 or 270). 360 degree awnings are always pole mounted. We manufacture and supply with SeaShell Awning purchases, the following range of bracket mounts:-
• Double brick wall mount
• Single brick wall mount
• Timber wall mount
• Gutter (fascia) mount
• Roof mount
• Free standing pole

5-Year conditional warranty

SeaShell awnings come with a 5 year warranty. Conditions apply.Click here for details.

Awning Key Dimensions

Seashell Awnings are available in these sizes and configurations:

• Weights include a single brick wall bracket .
• 360 degree awning weights do not include weight of pole mount.
• Weights have an error margin of +/‐ 7%.

  • the90
  • the90
  • the180
  • the270
  • the360
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